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Pet Trade Livestock has a large selection of different breeds and colours of rabbits available, so you will always have plenty of choice when you come to see us. Pet rabbits can be extremely loving and provide plenty of unconditional love, if given the interaction they so deserve on a daily basis.

  • Lops (including mini lops and dwarf lops) - We breed a variety of lops, including mini lops and dwarf lops, which are smaller than standard lops

  • Lionheads - These are smaller than lops and are very nicely tempered rabbits. They have soft fluffy fur around their faces (like a lion) and over their back legs, with smooth hair over their backs. They make very good first rabbits for children

  • Dutch - Dutch rabbits have very distinctive markings; they are always white with an addition of another colour. They are fairly small and compact, with ears that stand up

  • Netherland Dwarfs - Netherland Dwarf rabbits are the smallest rabbit that we breed. They have very short fur, which is easy to maintain, and little ears that stand up

  • Prices - £32.50 each or 2 for £60

Happy and healthy baby rabbits

All of our baby rabbits stay with their mothers until they are ready to be sold, so when you come to us to choose your new pet you will be able to see the mother rabbit when making your selection.


As Pet Trade Livestock is a working farm, please call us to arrange an appointment to view our rabbits. We are located just outside of Reading, easily accessible from junction 12 of the M4. We welcome both private buyers and buyers from pet shops all across the Reading area, just get in touch.


We can also supply all the accessories you need for your pet rabbit, from bedding through to hutches and pet food. Call us today on:

07976 941 515


Netherland Dwarfs


We sell a wide choice of different breeds

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